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Solar Batteries

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A solar panel systems will often produce far more electricity than a home requires during the day. This excess energy will be sent to the grid, preventing the household from benefiting from it. A solar battery system overcomes this problem, enabling you to store this excess energy so it can be used during periods of low solar production and overnight.

The Tesla Powerwall is the ultimate battery for your home, designed to maximise the self consumption of your solar energy. It will intelligently store any excess solar energy during daylight hours, but will also boost the amount of usable solar energy available if the solar panel system is not producing enough to cover the household usage.

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The Powerwall has a sleek design, and is waterproof so that it can be installed outdoors. It is thermally controlled, allowing it to operate in temperatures from -20ºC to 50ºC. The Powerwall’s unique design using Tesla’s proven battery technology means that it is one of the safest home batteries available, able to maintain a constant operating temperature. It also has a robust enclosure to survive mechanical,environmental and electrical stresses, and is absolutely electrically touch safe. The Powerwall has 6.4kWh of 100% usable capacity, and comes with a 10 year unlimited battery cycle warranty.

AGMS Independent Energy installed our first Tesla Powerwall system for a client in Bedford in August 2016. When combined with the high performance 5.39kW Panasonic solar array and SolarEdge power optimisers that we installed earlier in the year, our client is practically self sufficient for their electricity usage!

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