Location: Clapham, Bedfordshire

1930’s 4 bedroom, 1930s property.

House renovation, energy saving appliances installed including EV charging points, energy monitoring and immersion heater controller.

Premium quality PV system using Panasonic HIT hybrid panels.

Tesla Powerwall 2 battery also installed.

Since installation, have been able to utilise 97% of all PV generated electricity.

Live PV Generation Data:

Life Time Energy:15935.452 kWh
This Year Energy:1694.775 kWh
This Month Energy:359 kWh
Today Energy:0.003 kWh
Current Power:0.020277016 kW

Battery usage info is only available currently via a Tesla App. The client can monitor their real-time usage and how much they are ‘self powered’ using the Tesla App

Installation Details:

Installation Date: 06/06/2017
Bedrooms: 4
Orientation: SW
Array Size: 3.3 kW
kWh/year: 2944
Installation Cost: £7300.00
Current Est. Payback: 16.9 years