Location: Kempston, Bedfordshire

Modern, Detached, 5 yr old property, 5 bedrooms.

Removed faulty solar thermal panels to install new PV system in its place.

Panasonic HIT hybrid panels.

Also installed a Tesla Powerwall 2 Battery.

Client says they can last for 36hrs on fully charged battery.

Live PV Generation Data:

Life Time Energy: 11617.311 kWh
This Year Energy: 4216.211 kWh
This Month Energy: 423.476 kWh
Today Energy: 0 kWh
Current Power: 0.024640566 kW

Battery usage info is only available currently via a Tesla App. The client can monitor their real-time usage and how much they are ‘self powered’ using the Tesla App

Installation Details:

Installation Date: 22/01/2018
Bedrooms: 5
Orientation: SSW
Array Size: 6.49 kW
kWh/year: 6230
Installation Cost: £11950.00
Current Est. Payback: 13.2 years