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Energy Saving Devices

Our clients tell us that they really value being able to make their homes more efficient using new technologies that go alongside their solar PV systems. Most of our new installations will include some or all of the options below.

Even if you have solar PV panels that have been in place for several years now, you may wish to improve the efficiency of your system, by retrofitting these devices.

Energy Monitoring

Monitoring of your solar PV system allows a homeowner to best make use of their free solar energy. Using this information the homeowner can decide when to switch on, or switch off appliances, and allows them to set up a daily schedule accordingly.

With the addition of live information on household energy usage, the use of excess solar energy can be automated using device switching and immersion controllers, or stored for use overnight using batteries, minimising the electricity exported to the grid.

All our SolarEdge solar PV systems come with excellent cloud-based monitoring systems as standard. This allows the easy monitoring of overall solar PV performance, household usage, and individual panel monitoring, all via an App.

Solar immersion controllers

Solar Immersion Heater controllers divert surplus solar PV energy to your hot water cylinder immersion heater. This provides free hot water from solar PV electricity that would otherwise be sent back to the grid.

Solar Immersion Heaters are a very cost effective way of storing excess solar energy, as well as saving you money on you energy bills.

We install both standalone Immersun immersion heater controllers, as well as those integrated with SolarEdge inverter systems which can be controlled with an App.

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