Location: Bedford

Modern new build 4 bedroom detached house, energy efficient.

Panasonic HIT hybrid panels.

Installed energy monitoring and also our first Tesla Powerwall battery at this property in August 2016.

Data shows PV + Tesla battery allowed client to eliminate almost 90% of their annual electricity bill in 2016-17.

Live PV Generation Data:

Life Time Energy: 23153.336 kWh
This Year Energy: 4823.473 kWh
This Month Energy: 3.196 kWh
Today Energy: 3.196 kWh
Current Power: 0 kW

Battery Charge Level: 27 %
Drawing from Battery: 0.21 kW

Installation Details:

Installation Date: 08/04/2016
Bedrooms: 4
Orientation: WSW
Array Size: 5.39 kW
kWh/year: 4490
Installation Cost: £9100.00
Current Est. Payback: 14.7 years